Adrenachrome. is a dynamic rock band hailing from the great lakes state of Michigan. This diverse group began playing music together in 1995 and have continued to evolve their sound through out the years. With influences including Pantera, Deftones, RATM, Johnny Cash, SRV, and Beastie Boys, it has always been important for Adrenachrome. to create music that is not confined to one specific genre. With the release of their new double album titled Alchemy/Atrophy, Adrenachrome. is excited to spread their unique sound with fans old and new. In October 2013, adrenachrome. will begin the next chapter of their story and look forward to playing shows in support of the new record. With a wide range of content to choose from, you can count on each Adrenachrome. show to be a one of a kind, memorable experience.